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Our Parent Company

United Plastic Molders

United Plastic Molders is our partner in manufacturing and developing The Fish Grip, Fish Grip Jr., Blabber Mouth and the whole family of Fish Grip accessories for a growing international market. United Plastic Molders’ support, knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing field make it an incredible resource for us and ultimately for you, our valuable customer.

Established in 1978, United Plastic Molders is located in Jackson, Mississippi, and remains one of the oldest molding companies in Mississippi.

Along with The Fish Grip, United Plastic Molders manufactures Safer Automatic wheelchair wheel locks, Classail International authentic boat models, and the Nest Pad chicken nesting pads. United Plastic Molders also handles manufacturing for a wide array of corporate customers in the medical, automotive, sports equipment, packaging and aeronautics industries, among many others, and does custom prototyping and mold building.

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The Fish Grip

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