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About The Original Fish Grip

What is the Fish Grip?

The Fish Grip is a tool that fits you and it fits the fish; not just effective, but comfortable. Pulling a hook out of a fish’s mouth is far simpler when you employ The Fish Grip, but more importantly, it can grant you control over what can normally be a flopping fiasco. It’s “The Only Fish Grip with a Heart!”

Early prototype of The Fish Grip.

The phases of The Fish Grip

Like any great tool, The Fish Grip has gone through a number of iterations to become the adept tool that it is today. Each curve, knob, and indention were custom designed and purposefully address the needs of landing a fish without harm to you or the fish. Read more about The Fish Grip story.

Designed by a fisherman for a fisher(wo)man

  • Over-Center Locking
  • Unique Flexheart Jaw Design
  • Durable Plastic & Metal Construction
  • Weight Scale Slot
  • High Visibility
  • Wrist Lanyard
  • Floats
Made in the USA

The Fish Grip is Proudly made in America

We only employ US citizens, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide a stable place for our dedicated staff to work. This allows us to ensure quality standards as we oversee each and every unit that is produced. These aren’t foreign manufactured devices that we shipped straight to a store. Every single Fish Grip is machined, constructed, inspected, and tested at our plant located in the deep South.

The Fish Grip is proud to be a member of this great community of conservationists and sportsmen/women. We look forward to the growing number of opportunities to meet you at fishing events and gatherings! Follow us on social media to see where we’ll turn up next!

The Fish Grip

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